Vladimir Krupchak – Contribution to the Development of Arkhangelsk and Pomorye

Vladimir Krupchak is one of the leading entrepreneurs of the Pomor region and the entire Russian North. Born in the Arkhangelsk region, he directed efforts towards development, renovation, and welfare of the city, districts and rural settlements – from Malye Karely to Novodvinsk – throughout his career.

After the establishment of the large and multi-industry holding, the entrepreneur is still a member of the boards of directors of many relevant enterprises in the region. V. Krupchak focuses on investment growth, economic and social development of the region, conservation and maximization of its natural wealth.

It can be explained by his biography – Vladimir grew up there. His parents lived in the Vilegodsky district, Bykovo settlement. At an early age, the boy got a feel not only for farmery but also for admiration for the homeland. Although there was nothing to admire. As Vladimir remembers, there was a time when there was only a wooden architecture museum and practically abandoned ski resort. People visited them, but, in fact, there was no recreational infrastructure. There were no cafes, no conveniences: people drank tea from thermos bottles and ate prepared at home sandwiches. Everything was kind of unattractive and sad. However, at the same time, the landscape was splendid. That was the reason to push the development of the region.
The Malye Karely - hotel complex of GC Titan
The development project for the Malye Karely became a social one and did not provide the possibility of instant commercializing. This is the heart of the matter. It is not about people and ideas, it is about goals. Many people want to invest one hundred rubles and get one thousand at once. It happens, but this is just business. When we think about nature, people, comfort and ecology, such an approach is inappropriate. In this context, one should apply fundamentally different principles and rules.

The decision was made to turn the scorched earth into a prosperous oasis. It was very good that support was found. Fortunately, Maksim Bomstein entered into the spirit of this beautiful place and developed brilliant ideas. They became the basis for the tourist complex Malye Karely where nowadays one can find everything for leisure activities. The following information will help to make it clear.
This meaningful word "everything" means sports, tourism, youth and family recreation in any season, uniqueness of the Russian North, perfect place for festive activities. This place is notable for its true spirit and a real honeypot. Look at the complex! Everything has changed.

Believe me, this beauty is worth such efforts, attention, and concerns. Vladimir Krupchak clearly understands it, stays on track and generates new ideas and ambitious plans towards the inclusive development of the home region.

As to Arkhangelsk, we can talk about modernization of the hotel Dvina, opening of the first city's supermarket Premier and a great number of other projects among which Shopping and Recreation Center Titan-Arena is a prominent one for now.
It is beautiful, expensive and, most important, designed for everyone. This is the only way to create something worth it – with an open heart, responsible attitude to the things you do and understanding of the reason.

Diversified GC Titan Holding is a Contribution to the Welfare of the Region

Titan LLC was the first enterprise established by Vladimir Krupchak in 1990. Within 30 years, the company became a large diversified holding. It is the largest supplier and operator of the pulpwood in the Russian northwest that plays the key role in the forest-industry complex of the Arkhangelsk Region.

The structure of the enterprises where V. Krupchak takes part in the work has many focus areas:

  • logging enterprises supply raw material to Sawmill 25 СJSC and Arkhangelsk PPM which is the largest region's mill being a part of the holding;
  • he mill's products are exported to 60 countries – it strengthens the image of the region and raises its development level;
  • development business provides the city and the region with new real property assets.
The tour company Malye Karely is responsible for one more focus area – hotel business. The organization that has been for almost 20 years in the market is also a part of Titan Holding. The company created the new complex Malye Karely with perfect customer care and infrastructure based on the destroyed tourist camp "Polar Lights". It conserved and reproduced the originality of the Russian Northern culture that attracts many people from Arkhangelsk and guests from other regions.
Enterprise network provides more than 6000 good positions for the region with stable payment for labour and corporate social program that annually receives funding of 300 million rubles.

The personnel takes benefits, labour conditions improve, salaries grow – for example, in 2018, they were raised by 5%.

Contribution to the Economic Development

The activities of the united by the holding enterprises help to improve the welfare of the region. Together with APPM, GC Titan pays to the budget about 4 billion rubles each year. Vladimir Krupchak is a member of the boards of directors of many large enterprises. He makes significant efforts for the modernization and retrofitting of the plants. Successful completion of the Russian high-priority investment project at Sawmill 25 СJSC is also among his achievements. Investments of above 4.2 billion rubles allowed for the three-shift production process, creation of more than 500 new positions and increase in annual tax revenues of up to 500 million rubles by 2019.
The implemented by the entrepreneur investment strategy, effective structure of the holding and reliable logistics and transport chains ensured operation of the plant at full capacity and sales. The output of APPM alone has risen by 37% compared with one by the end of the 1990s, and the equipment deterioration has reduced by 30%. Over 350 million dollars were invested in the modernization of the systemic company in the Arkhangelsk region.

Vladimir Krupchak actively raises overseas investments. He was an adviser on the development of the Austrian-German Group Pulp Mill Holding GmbH whose investments allowed for the modernization of APPM's material and technical basis and expansion of the production.

V. Krupchak in the project “4D: Social Dimension"
V. Krupchak also invested about 20 billion rubles in the retrofitting of the logging business of Titan Holding. The holding plans to create new vacancies and launch new environmentally friendly production sites in the region.

Conservation of the Natural Wealth of Pomorye

Vladimir Krupchak is directly engaged in environmental activities. Until 2007, he was a member of the Russian Natural and Forest Resource Management Committee and he knows better than anyone else how pulp and paper industry affects climate and ecosystem. To reduce the harm and protect the famous northern forests of Russia. V. Krupchak supervises environmental measures at all the enterprises of the holding. They include:

  • reforestation;
  • multistage program for modernization of production to reduce human impact on the environment – wooden waste is used for heating of its own boiler houses, it is not thrown in the rivers and landfills, CO2 emissions are reduced, energy-efficient equipment is installed;
  • program for modernization of boiler houses in the Arkhangelsk region – for example, to biofuel (wooden pellets produced by the holding) that is already used by 5 boiler houses;
  • change-over of the logging company of Titan Holding to the eco-friendly process of woodcutting – selective cutting which involves mature wood harvesting and damaged trees cutting.
Minimum 1 billion rubles is invested in environmental protection on an annual basis. APPM, plants and logistics center of the holding in Novodvinsk, as well as timber industry enterprises in the interstream area of the Northern Dvina and Pinega implemented the conservation strategy. They also take measures to recover forests, conserve soil and reduce waste. Practically all waste is used for production needs – even chip and sawdust of which paper and pellets are made. The boiler houses of Sawmill 25 СJSC take advantage of all mill's waste by heating its premises.

Social Programs for the Development of Arkhangelsk and the Region

Vladimir Krupchak participates not only in environmental activities but also in social initiatives. Every year GC Titan funds patronage and charity activities. The holding supports the Rembuevsky, previously known as Bobrovsky, orphanage providing children books, clothes, sports equipment and organizing children parties.

GC Titan allocated over 200 million rubles for charity. The holding supports social and creative programs in Arkhangelsk – the blues festival, Arkhangelsk region's anniversary, and publishing business. With the active participation of V. Krupchak, the collected volumes and ethnographic works dedicated to the Russian Arctic, Solovetsky Shipboy School, Kholmogory history and other aspects of the huge region's cultural heritage.
Social projects organized by APPM
The funds are also allocated for other districts of the Arkhangelsk region. APPM, where Krupchak is a member of the Board of Directors, funded the researches in the Antonievo-Siysky Monastery. This is the place where the allegedly belonging to Emperor Ivan VI remains were found. The mill actively participates in the development of Novodvinsk. V. Krupchak led the establishment of the social organization supporting children with health limitations. In 2017, the project "40 Good Deeds" was launched in the framework of the city's anniversary.

Committed to the principle of a responsible attitude towards the demands of the society, Krupchak supervises APPM's financial support aimed at the improvement of life in Novodvinsk.
The anniversary project was followed by the program "4D: Social Dimension" that involved not only the city but also the left bank area of the Primorsky District.

Vladimir Krupchak is still the primary initiator of various programs that enable the balanced growth and prosperity of his homeland Pomorye.

Charity activities initiated by V. Krupchak are characteristic of APPM. From year to year, the volume of socially-minded investments grows: in 2018, this sum totaled above 30 million rubles compared with 2012, when the enterprise allocated more than 2 million rubles for this purpose.
These are the facts apparent right now. If we add plans for future development, it is fair to claim that many projects are yet to come.